Dr. No
Dr. No

Whos Dr. No
Some people let me know
Be careful
What has he done
A man was on the run
Baby he is cruel
Stop danger zone
An island is his home
Called Crab Key
Light blue lagoon
A world behind the moon
Like a mystery
Your kiss in the twilight time
A dragon creeps around
Close your eyes Baby wait and keep quiet
When you hear the sound

Doc, Dr. No has a plan
Baby hes a dangerous man
Its a trick cant you see
Its a fight for mastery
Doc, Dr. No hes insane
And he plays a crazy game
Send an S.O.S. Babe
Its not too late

Dr. Dr. Dr. No
He attacks you dont you know
World in danger
Dont give up its time to go
Dr. Dr. Dr. No
Midnight fighter stop I know
Hes a gangster
Run and hide its time to go

Whos Dr. No
A young girl lets me know
He scared men
Baby its time
Oh he commits a crime
And he plans again
Stop danger zone
Oh we are not alone
On Crab Key
Blue neonlight
A soldier by your side
Baby can you see
Your kiss in the twilight time
Were undercover, girl
Close your eyes Honey Rider keep quiet
He will rule the world

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Heaven & Hell
Heaven & Hell

A time full of anger
And were in danger
Oh its a life in grey
Its not an illusion
Were in confusion
Oh every night and day
And the act of humanity is like a crime
Its a thrill the folks are ill I swear

Heaven and hell
Is the world were living in
Its a life of pain and sin
Baby and we are in between
Heaven and hell
Now its time for love come pray
And we get it right one day
You know we got the chance to build a better world
Baby never say never
Were stronger together
Its a dream of freedom
Oh never say never
Come help us forever
Hand in hand for love

We need more compassion
Its no obsession
Oh there will be no end
A secret delusion
Its no elusion
Oh no one will defend
And the dream of humanity will not survive
Its a thrill the overkill I swear


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Back To Life
Back To Life

I was no winner
They treat me like a fool
Every loser feels alone
Im not a sinner
Oh tell me what is cool
Babe this world was not my home, girl
I light a fire
Time after time
No one gets me down again
Find your desire
My sun will always shine
Oh everywhere I am
You can beat the rest
If you will try
Oh Babe you will be the best
Believe me thats no lie
You will know whats right
If you will try
Oh Babe Ill take you to the light
Believe me thats no lie

Back to life
Its time to fight today, tonight my Baby
Back to life
Come take a chance dont stop to dance my love
Back to life
Dont tear apart come try a start stand up go
Back to life
Dont dream it come do it you will get it
Back to life

I was no hero
They treat me like a clown
Overnight I lost my pride
Count down to zero
Stop when youre feeling down
Oh dont hide the tears you cried, Babe
You get the chance, girl
Day after day
Be a fighter stop the rain
Its not a tough world
Oh Baby come what may
Oh you can stand the pain
Youre the number one
If you will try
Oh Babe if your fears are gone
Believe me you wont die
You will find your way
If you will try
Oh Babe Ill help you day by day
Believe me thats no lie


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Dont do that to me Im no loser
I broke all the rules for your smile
Babe I was never a boozer
Dont mistreat me hey Im not vile
Dont do that to me hes no hero
Babe oh you skate on thin ice
Why cant you see he gives nothing for free
Oh Babe such is life cest la vie
You were on my mind
And you were so hard to find
But I need no piss take
Your love was a mistake
Oh Baby youre just a fake

Dont be a gambler
Dont play silly games
Who is the liar
You tell me lies my heart is crying
Dont be a gambler
Why did you complain
You break your promise
I dont pay the price my love is dying
Baby stop to tell me lies
Dont play your silly game
Im tossing Im turning
I cannot stand the pain
Every night and every day
You pushed me down and down
Its over all over
Ill never be your clown

Dont do that to me Im no sinner
I have sold the world for your heart
Baby hes not a real winner
You know its too late for a start
Dont do that to me Im no dreamer
And why did you cheat me again
Hey cant you see  its your own destiny
Oh Baby goodbye cest la vie
You were my delight
But this love was like a fight
And I need no heartache
This love was a mistake
Baby youre just a fake

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Key To Freedom
Key To Freedom

Dont you know the world of now is crazy
Life goes down and down
A fight from round to round
And dont you know some guys are totally lazy
Some folks are on the run
The good old times are gone
And can you feel they lost their hearts desire
A trip to nowhere land
A life like in a trance
Dont you know by now they re dancing on fire
A life from day to day
A painting grey in grey
And everyone knows its a cruel, cruel time
We must change our behaviour
If we want to live in a better world
Dont close your eyes

You can find the key to freedom
Come and pray
For a better world in love and harmony
You can find the key to freedom
Come what may
Love is all around hold on eternally
Love is a magic key
Its not a mystery
Youll find your life one day
Come on and go your way
Love is the only key
To leave this misery
Dont push your life away
Come on and let us pray
Get the power get the power be happy get the power

Dont you know some fools are living for money
They need a helping hand
The story never ends
And dont you know these guys are really not funny
Their hearts are crying out loud
And love is burning out
People create the future of this world
Its the twenty-first century
And we are on the way to a new generation
Of love and peace

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Les Yeux De LAmour
Les Yeux De LAmour

Every Day every night
I remember your sweet love
Come what may I cant hide
Oh Ill never get enough
Time will go time will come
Love is really hard to find
Yes I know when youre gone
You are always on my mind
From the moment when I saw you, girl
I fell in love with you
I feel your love heat in the nighttime, Lady
Im crazy

Les yeux de lamour the eyes of love
We had a dream Im dreaming of
Now and forever
Les yeux de lamour your magic eyes
We had a date in paradise
Love is emotion sweet devotion
Les yeux de lamour can you feel my love
Les yeux de lamour what Im dreaming of
A memory in blue oh I ove you
Les yeux de lamour I will run to you
Les yeux de lamour see what love can do
Every night Im dreaming of your eyes of love

Love is real love is true
Girl you took my heart away
Do you feel like I do
When you dream of yesterday
From the moment when you said goodbye
I never loved again
Ill hear your heartbeat for a lifetime, Lady
Oh may be

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Shadows Of Love
Shadows Of Love

I walked down a road in the rain
You told me its over again
These moments with you, my love
Are fading away
You were my sweet majesty
I miss you whatever will be
Without you Ill lose all I have, I love you
From here to eternity, girl

Stranded in the shadows of love
Oh Lady was it really enough
Dont tell me its the end of your love oh no
Stranded in the shadows of you
Oh Lady tell me what can I do
When I feel its the end of your love oh no
Oh Baby dont tell me dont tell me
Your heart is falling from the sky
Oh my love will be forever
Baby dont leave me come with me
I tell you its my real feeling real feeling

The colours of love turns to grey
My memories are slipping away
The summer with you, my love
Was born in the wind
You are my love, ma cherie
I need you whatever will be
Oh Lady my heart is an ocean of tears
Forever and ever, my love

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Its a secret place
Near India
Oh some people call it heaven
Its a saving grace
Unknown and far
Away from our world
Its an old, old tale
A friend told me
Oh he said its like a wonder
When you leave your jail
Youll find the key
For another life to live
And I left the road to loneliness
I listened to my heart
The time has come
I never missed my yesterday
Believe me

Im a passenger
To the last days of love in Eden
Is where we are
Its a land of the rising sun
Come and feel your heart
Babe I never tell you lies
Come and try a start
Its the last way to paradise

Its a mystery
What love can do
If you find your way to heaven
Baby you can see
Dreams will be true
If you find your place in life
Its no long, long way to sweet caress
If you will change your mind
The time will come
Youll never miss your yesterday
Believe me

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Take My Love Again
Take My Love Again

Babe you touched my heart
I wanna try a brandnew start
Dont you miss me, girl
Cant you feel my love
I never gonna give you up
Baby youre my world
Its a Hale-Bopp night
When you held me tight
Youre the queen of hearts
Dont you see my love
I cry for the moon
Please come back to me

Take my love again
Whatever will be I want you
Youre the one Im living for
Oh I love you more than more
Take my love again
Wherever you are I miss you
All I ever need is you
Babe you made my dreams come true

Babe Im feeling down
My world had never turned around
When you left me, girl
Baby Beautiful
Come be a dreamer, Im your fool
Oh dont ruin my world
Come on take my hand
Love me in the sand
Babe I miss your smile
Have you seen my tears
I cried for your love
Please come back to me

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Summer 97
Summer 97

She was seventeen
Blonde hair and blue jeans
Ill never forget her smile
She danced like a queen
Loved musical scenes
Her clothing a way-out style
Piano girl she moved my world
Will I ever forget the time
When I was her dreamer
I missed you, sweet Nina last night
She loved cinema
Was my singing star
Were dancing high in the sky
She created art
Played songs to my heart
She named me a crazy guy
Shes gone away to USA
Oh she lived there since ninety-nine
A heartache and sorrow
Last years and tomorrow
Its love

Crazy days in paradise
Oh shes a Lady
She was my summer ninety-seven
Crazy love in your blue eyes
I miss you Baby
We had a rendezvous in heaven
Shes my summer ninety-seven
We were on a trip to heaven
Can you feel my heart on fire
Shes my summer ninety-seven
Babe you were my gate to heaven
Now its raining in my heart in my heart

The song melodies
Of love, Cats and Grease
Will always live in my head
Its ten years ago
And may be you know
Im lonely I feel so sad
Oh Green Brook girl you move my world
Will I ever forget your love
Sweet girl I remember
That night in December
Youre gone

dedicated to Nina S.

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Two Faces
Two Faces

Stop some people say
This man has no fun
But he changed his way
When the day has gone
Friday night a crazy fever
And he got George Clooneys heart
No ones fool
Charminn cool
He broke each rule

Hes like Jekyll & Hyde he has two faces
Its another night when he played a role
In the discolight he won all races
He kissed the girls and theyre running mad
Hes like Jekyll & Hyde hes a gentleman
Summer party nights and he kissed again
To the morning light Babe he lived for joy
On the other side hes a lonely boy
Hes like Jekyll & Hyde
This man has two different faces

Stop the night has come
And he left his town
Boys were on the run
And theyre feeling down
Stupid guy or womanizer
This man has lost his simple mind
No ones fool
Charminn cool
He broke each rule

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Out Of The Blue
Out Of The Blue

Out of the blue its a miracle of love
Will I see you again
Ill never forget the moments of love oh no no no

Nights in paradise
You left the rainbow of emotion
Love has million eyes
Oh Im feeling like a child
On a ship of fools
I never trust the silent ocean
Life can be so cruel
I miss the way you smile
Sail my love through heavy weather
Mend my broken dream
Dont lose your deep desire
In the fire storm

A tragedy its a tragedy
Babe I lose my heart and sanity
A tragedy come back to me
Babe Ill love you til eternity
Every day every night when I cried
I was down Babe it cant be denied
And all of a sudden you came back tonight
The wheel of time is turning
Out of the blue could it be true
Baby this time well stay together
Out of the blue I promised you
All of my love will last forever, girl

Early morning sky
Im walking down the streets of sorrow
Only God knows why
Will I ever lose my laugh
Melancholy day
Just crazy guys will stay tomorrow
Frozen tears in May
One summer aint enough
Sailing ships will fly to heaven
Take my love again
Dont lose your deep desire
In the fire storm

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