THE STORY ::: How the story started...

Michael Scholz, Rolf Köhler and Detlef, vocalists of SYSTEMS IN BLUE, are probably the most successful  German studio choir of the 80ties and 90ties. Many local and international artists booked them for studio vocal assistance. They travelled twice to the European Song contest as support for German and Austrian artist - 1989 in Lausanne with Nino de Angelo and Thomas Forstner and 1992 in Malmö with Tony Vegas

But for two projects they were a part of the original sound:


For 16 years they represented the operative vocal instrument of these projects and played an important part for the success of Dieter Bohlen. Their contribution to the sound were the  typical falsetto choirs. 

After the split of MODERN TALKING in 2003 the fan community feared that this sound has become silent forever. Due to the initiative of these people, especially Thomas Widrat, the project SYSTEMS IN BLUE was founded in 2003 - the sound was to survive!

Michael Scholz  -  Rolf Köhler  -  Thomas Widrat  -  Detlef Wiedeke    

Late summer 2003 Rolf, Detlef and Michael started writing songs and sang three single layouts. Thomas designed the lyrics. The first single release MAGIC MYSTERY came out in March 2004 and had high entries in the Amazon maxi, and European Dance charts, followed by the issue of the maxi single WINNER in October 2004.

In August 2005 the album trailer single POINT OF NO RETURN was published, the album came out in September. From this compilation two more singles were released - March 2006 "1001 NIGHTS" and summer 2007 "VOODOO QUEEN".

In the beginning of 2007 SYSTEMS IN BLUE decided to start the works on the second SIB long player, at the same time they wrote and produced songs for MARK ASHLEY. Shortly before the finish of these efforts, Rolf Köhler died suddenly.

Against all the odds Detlef, Michael und Thomas continued the works on this legacy with the result that the second SYSTEMS IN BLUE album is ready arranged and mastered. The release of the maxi "DR. NO" will be on 19. of February and the long player "OUT OF THE BLUE" will be published in April 2008.

The CD is available at:

MARK ASHLEY s CD "HEARTBREAK BOULEVARD" will be published in May 2008.

The CD is available at: